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Formerly known as Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center and the home of Willowsong Midwifery Care

• Same Nurse-Midwife with 23 years experience

• Same care team

• Same sustainable center 

• Consulting services for women

planning hospital birth

• Working with women & botanical medicine

& your body's intuitive wisdom

to help with common health concerns

• All under a different name

theWillow'sSong, LLC


~Meet Cosette & Luna, her beloved clinic dog



After 23 years on call, managing labor & birth in the home & birth center setting, specializing in physiological birth and the Shared Decision Making model of care, I am retiring from birth management as of February 2023. It is time to focus my energies on encouraging women to take back their health ~ the health of their body and spirit ~ by helping them define their path, on their terms, whatever that means to them. And in so doing, may we all gain a deeper connection to our body's wisdom, the foods that nourish and the botanical medicines of the earth that are here to help us heal

OUR WHOLE SELVES, our families and our planet.

I hope you join me in this journey!

~ Cosette Boone, MSARNP, CNM, Owner & Nurse-Midwife

Student Herbal Educator



theWillow'sSong, LLC

'Willow representing the power of the feminine, standing tall and strong, deeply rooted and yet able to flow freely with ease and peace as life unfolds.

Song is the wisdom that lies within each of us, our own inner knowing that if we only dare to listen, will point the way to help us realize our true gifts meant to be shared with our world.


Cosette with theWillow'sSong, LLC


Office is located in the Center in the

Sherman Hill Neighborhood

on the corner of 19th and Center

800 19th Street

Des Moines, IA 50314

Office Phone: 515.266.6712

Cosette's Cell Phone: 515.202.4865

Office Fax: 515.244.2333



Cosette will be in touch soon!


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