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Silent Wisdom

                                                                                                                         Our body’s energy field holds a key to unlocking our path                                                                                                                                    towards healing Our Whole Selves. It is the relationship                                                                                                                                          between our unique physical body and our mental,                                                                                                                                              emotional and spiritual dimensions. It is where emotions,                                                                                                                                      thoughts, dreams, feelings, our history, our ancestors, and                                                                                                                                    our sense of spiritual connectedness all interact with our                                                                                                                                    physical form. Learning how to tap into the knowledge it     holds and what it has to teach us, can be a powerful tool for all women to move from searching outside for answers to instead, going inside more & trusting with confidence, their INNER GUIDANCE.

I have to smile as I remember countless women in labor looking up at me and asking, ‘is it time to push?’ AS SHE IS PUSHING INVOLUNTARILY! ‘Just follow your body’ I would say. ‘It is guiding you right now’ We are so conditioned to look for the answer outside of ourselves - to the doctor, the midwife, the book - only to override the body screaming at us to pause and listen to the obvious.

INNER GUIDANCE. Some of us feel this in our guts. Others might sense it in our being. Some call it intuition. Others, like me, just get a knowing. It is our truth and if we cultivate a relationship with it, we can begin to trust where it is leading us and use it as a compass to greater wellbeing, regardless the state of our physical health.


Every system in our body is connected to our emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Think of your body's physical response to an anxiety provoking situation. Your heart might start to beat really fast, your pupils might dilate, you get 'butterflies' in your stomach and might even feel like throwing up! This is your physical body's response to the emotions of fear or anxiety. Typically, once the situation has passed, the symptoms go away. But say we live in chronic stress and anxiety. The bodily systems meant to protect/warn us of danger are now chronically being impacted. Next thing you know, more symptoms develop ~ chronic fatigue, anxiety or depression, irritability and depletion. Your doctor prescribes a few pills ~ one for depletion another for anxiety ~ but does not address the root cause of the emotions. This is the connection I want women to make and the work I want to do with you!

I met a woman years ago who came to me with chronic pelvic pain. She had been to multiple physicians, all of whom told her nothing was wrong. I asked her when this pain began and she said, a few years back. Then I asked her what was happening in her life around the time that the pain began. It was then she began to tear up and shared with me a story of horrific loss and heartache. When she was done, we both were crying. I wrapped her in my arms and said, ‘there is nothing wrong with you physically, your world has been shattered and you are carrying your pain in your pelvic floor’. This is where the energy of the Root Chakra dwells, our life force, our survival instincts, our sense of safety in this world. What she needed was support to help her connect with, process and face her deepest, almost unfathomable pain so it could begin to move on from being stuck in her physical body.

How we as women decide to do this work will be unique to each one of us. But as a provider, with a deep understanding of the interplay of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms; my hope is to provide space for women to connect the dots, giving shape and definition to their struggles, thus allowing us to work together on a deeper level.


There are many supportive modalities to help us along our journeys towards feeling whole & living a life without reservation. One of my favorites is the AromaTouch Technique. I've used the technique on my kids and husband for years. One session with doTERRA's CPTG essential oils & all the energy is flowing again ~ which means our energy field is open and we can exist in a higher level of health, vitality & awareness. With a little time & practice, looking inward first will come natural to us and so will our trust in the messages our body wants to share. We only have to pause to listen to this Silent Wisdom 



One of my favorite ways to balance the body's energy system & the Chakras is dōTERRA's AromaTouch Technique.

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