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I'm Cosette, Nurse-Midwife with 23 years experience managing birth in the out-of-hospital setting, specializing in Physiological Birth and the Shared Decision Making Model of care between 

patients and providers.

Over the years, women, like you, choosing to birth in the hospital would reach out to me with questions on how to navigate the medical system & to BETTER understand their options in care.

They just felt there could be so much more. Even a 15 minute conversation was priceless. Imagine a monthslong relationship.

This course was created to fill that yearning


You don't need to learn how to birth your baby.

Your body already knows how to do that instinctually.

You just need to learn how to keep the system from controlling it.

For any woman planning a hospital birth, let me be your consulting midwife.

Join a movement of people gaining back their autonomy in their health care choices.

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Designed to empower and inform ~ no matter where you want to birth or what team you hire to provide your care or how you want to walk that path —

ON YOUR TERMS will help you take back your right to OWN your maternity experience

starting with your first prenatal visit.

What this course is NOT:

It is NOT a childbirth education class. It is a beacon of light to help clients navigate the medicalization of childbirth.

It is NOT anti-OB or Midwife. It challenges the presumption that the provider's desire trumps a patient's autonomy.

It is NOT anti-technology. It challenges the over-use of technology in pregnancy & birth.

It is NOT anti-hospitals. It challenges the notion that one path is the right path for all people.

It is NOT a guarantee for your dream birth. It challenges us to embrace the journey with active participation.

Maternity care in the United States is a well oiled machine designed to control a woman's journey from the first prenatal visit to everything that goes on in your birth space. This system, not only increases the cost of care, but also the risk to you & your baby, while eroding our trust in our body’s innate ability to birth. This is the medicalization of childbirth and If we don’t know how to navigate it, all the way through, our power, our sense of autonomy and agency will be taken away from us, in one of the most important transformational moments of our lives, before we even know that it has happened. 

Don't ride the assembly line for birth care that leads to this:

87% will have continuous electronic fetal monitoring

80% receive intravenous fluids

47% have labor artificially accelerated with medications

43% of first-time moms have labor artificially induced

60% are not allowed to eat or drink

76% are restricted to bed

92% give birth lying on their backs

& 1 in 3 women will end up having a cesarean birth

~National Birth Center Study II from the American Association of Birth Centers


 Define Your Values, Make Your Own Choices, Take Back Your Agency

A six part series, each class 1.5 hrs


Prenatal Power: All the tips are unleashed so THE JOURNEY CAN REFLECT WHAT YOU VALUE from the first visit

Physiological Birth: Contrary to the medicalization of birth, your body is designed TO PROTECT YOU & YOUR BABY

Tapping Into Our Intuitive Knowing: Ensuring the emotional & spiritual influences GUIDE, RATHER THAN INHIBIT, YOU DURING BIRTH 

Don't Get in the Bed!: A class to instill courage, strength & inspiration so that YOU FEEL EMPOWERED WITHIN YOUR BIRTH SPACE

When the Unexpected Happens: the preparation, within the surrender, helps you to ACCEPT & HEAL WHAT YOU HAD TO GIVE UP

The Second Nine Months: Carving a healthier, more connected path so that YOU CAN HEAL FASTER & BOND WITH YOUR BABY

Let's move beyond money, fear, coercion and power to a more balanced relationship with our providers. Your experience, the mother's experience, MATTERS & impacts the life of your baby. It is worth fighting for it to be 




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