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You deserve to be heard. You deserve time to tell your story. You deserve time with your provider. You have a right to autonomy in your healthcare decisions. Come and learn what it feels like to be empowered. You are worth it.


Caring for Women Through our Lives


We may gain a deeper understanding through:

Bioenergetic Testing with hair & saliva to discover your level of wellness

And then add some gifts of the earth to your daily life:

Botanical Therapies ~ Certified Pure Tested Grade dōTERRA Essential Oils;

Herbal Teas, Tinctures and Supplements; & a few Homeopathics

Therapeutic Gemstone recommendations for Healing & Transformation 

Energy Balancing knowledge to keep your Body's Energy System open & flowing &

Whole foods & Nutritional Supplements

to instill in you a deeper connection to what your body is communicating

 and how to better support YOUR WHOLE SELF


all in a safe space

with Connection • Warmth • Compassion • Comfort • Time • Education • Story Telling •

Partnership • Creativity • Community • Encouragement • Support • Hope

Welcoming women from menarche to menopause, including women currently pregnant or postpartum, who desire to realize their health goals and live their best life ~ ON THEIR TERMS. It's a pretty simple approach. By taking a deep dive into your life story, together, we come up with a path forward towards a life lived with more INTENTION, CONNECTION & MINDFULNESS ~ no matter where you are

in health.

Cosette and Luna

MS, ARNP, CNM, Nurse-Midwife; Student Herbal Health Educator

Partnering with Women in Health


The OUR WHOLE SELVES Consultations are for all women, at any stage in life who desire to grow and set health goals for the year to come. Whether you see it as preventative to stay on top of your health; or are a curious teen wanting to know more about your body; thinking about becoming pregnant or are pregnant and don't know where to begin; a mother who wants more natural solutions for the health of her family & home; a career woman wanting a life more balanced or any woman struggling with health concerns and wanting a deeper understanding of her body's wisdom. I am here to help you.

During an OUR WHOLE SELVES consultation, we take a deep dive into your whole life's health story, health goals, medical history, lifestyle review ~ sleep patterns, exercise, substance use, the foods you eat ~ your relationships, love, home, work, passions, creative spirit, moods, thoughts, sexuality, your indulgences and dreams and any struggles or concerns troubling you about your health. We then explore what your body is trying to communicate by connecting the dots between body, mind and emotions. Working together, we come up with a path forward towards a more balanced state of being using healing therapies from the Earth, energy balancing or Bioenergetic Testing to gain insight into which systems in your body are most stressed & why. The goal: allowing you to move through this world with a deeper understanding of your body, its interconnectedness and all it is trying to communicate in health

a new & INSPIRING way of working with women

90 MIN

OUR WHOLE SELVES ~ Initial Entry Into Care

YOUR INVESTMENT IN YOU ~ $220.00 ~ *This is for the woman who is brand NEW to our care~ has not come to us for well-woman or pregnancy.

**This visit includes a 30min followup to discuss labs, recommendations & plan of care.  

60 MIN

OUR WHOLE SELVES Established client

YOUR INVESTMENT IN YOU ~ $160.00 ~ *This is for the woman who has experienced our care, either as a well-woman client or for her pregnancy or has already experienced her first OUR WHOLE SELVES consultation.

**This visit includes a 30min follow-up to discuss labs, recommendations & plan of care.

Common Health Symptoms We See

 Fatigue • sluggish metabolism • foggy thinking • hair loss • sleep disturbances • blood sugar • irritability • weight gain • mental health • low thyroid • sexuality concerns • hormonal health • PMS • menstruation concerns and more!

There is a separation of mind, body, emotions, and spirit common to the Western way of knowing the world. Women seeking alternative health care models do so largely because this is an unnatural separation for us - we intrinsically seek awareness and connection, we intuitively know that these relationships influence our health

Aviva Romm, MD & Midwife

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