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These oils along with some of your labor & birth kit oils will work wonderfully on your newborn:

Lavender 15mL: $25.50

Clary Calm Touch: $31.00

Balance 15mL: $21.00

Lavender 15mL: $25.50

Serenity 15mL: $36.00

Immortelle Touch: $75.00

Frankincense 15mL: $75.00

Helichrysum 5mL: $80.00

Myrrh Touch: $40.00

Roman Chamomile 5mL: $48.00

Melissa 5mL: $95.00

Approximate cost of full kit: ~ $552.00

+ Laluz Diffuser: $42.00

Custom Postpartum & Newborn Kit


Will vary depending on selection

Don't want what you see? Have other oils/products/supplements in mind? Everyone has their favorite oils. Now you can create a custom kit made for you that you love at wholesale pricing. Schedule an oil Consult today with Cosette and she will get you started.

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