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One of my favorite forms of Botanical Medicine is essential oils which use the seeds, bark, stems, flowers, roots, wood, needles, and fruit of so many diverse plants. And to use them therapeutically, I only trust Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) dōTERRA. I began using dōTERRA for myself and my family nine years ago. Along with herbals & homeopathics, they are my go to in the bathroom cabinet, so much so that when my 19yr old Sage left home, she had to have her own set! My kids grew up learning how to use the oils and soon discovered their favorites!


But the goodness doesn't stop here! Take time to explore dōTERRA's difference and why providers all over the world trust in the oils enough to use them with their clients. Their Co-impact Sourcing Initiative and the Healing Hands Foundation are programs that make us feel good about choosing dōTERRA. And for those who like to geek out on why the oils have been used therapeutically since ancient times, they can turn to dōTERRA's robust research and science behind why they work and the Healthcare Clinics being built up around the oils. 

dōTERRA Kits 

Custom Labor and Birth Kit

Wholesale Price will Vary

Aroma Essentials Collection 2_edited.jpg
Custom Postpartum & Newborn Kit

Wholesale Price will Vary

Heal Affirmation_Discovering Yourself_1.jpg
Custom Family
Roller Bottle Kit

Wholesale Price will Vary

DiffuserKits_0310222904 (1).jpg
Custom Healthy Home Kit

Wholesale Price will Vary

Home Essentials

$270 Wholesale

Natural Solutions Kit

$450 wholesale

Aroma Essentials Collection 2.jpeg
Aroma Essentials Collection

$155.00 wholesale

Healthy Start Kit

$160.00 wholesale

doTERRAHealthyHabitsKit_050922 5 copy.jpeg
Healthy Habits Kit

$195.00 wholesale

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