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Roller Bottle Kit provides the comfort for parents worried about how to apply these oils to their littles....

Copaiba Touch, $24.00

Frankincense Touch, $48.00

Helichrysum Touch, $56.00

Lavender Touch, $17.00

Myrrh Touch, $40.00

Oregano Touch, $16.50

Peppermint Touch, $16.00

Tea Tree Touch, $14.50

Adaptiv Touch, $22.00

Breathe Touch, $16.00

DigestZen Touch, $22.00

OnGuard Touch, $23.00

Cost is approximately ~ $300.00

Custom Family Roller Bottle Kit


Price will vary depending on choices made

We parents carry a lot of weight on our shoulders to be present for our kiddos when they are not feeling well. And all we want to do is be able to love them up!  dōTERRA essential oils are a great solution for providing comfort and support in these times of worry and stress ~ for both the parents and the kids. Thousands of families around the globe are turning to more natural solutions to help them through common health concerns. You too can enjoy the beauty and comfort of using doTERRA. This kit can be customized to fit your needs. Just delete and add! Schedule a free private consult with Cosette today and she will go over the benefits of each oil to get you started!

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