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Home Health Consultations 

The Greater the Body's Toxic Load =

The Greater the Health Issues Through Life

It is impossible to think about our collective human health without

also thinking about the choices we are making to reduce the toxic

load in our homes, schools, places of work, cleaning supplies, body product and the foods we consume. Let us help you take easy

steps that can have a huge impact.









Build a Healthy Home with Silent Rivers


Planning to Build or Remodel? 

Silent Rivers is a leader in healthy homes and sustainable solutions. They can reduce toxic materials in construction, promoting a healthier environment in and around your home.

Silent Rivers’ healthy home practices include:

  • Paints used in your home are low VOC and lead-free.

  • Custom cabinets are finished in our woodshop, not in your home, using a post catalyzed varnish that does not off-gas.

  • Indoor air quality is considered throughout the entire remodeling process, including deconstruction, and in materials selection.

  • Indications of moisture discovered during deconstruction are investigated with moisture meters to determine source and resolution.

  • Recommendations are made for smooth and easily cleanable surface materials.

  • We consult with you on energy efficiency, ventilation and weatherization techniques.

  • Opportunities to reduce water consumption and properly manage storm water are factored into applicable projects.

  • Our sustainable resource management methods include site source separation during deconstruction so that eligible materials can be donated for reuse.

Their work honors the complex relationships among environment, design, material, construction, health and happiness. Schedule a consult today!

Free Home Health Consultation with Cosette

Reduce Your Home's Toxic Load and Protect Your Family's Health

Cleaning our home is something we all do every day. So picking product that is safe is imperative. Did you know that some of the most toxic home products are the air freshener you plug into your wall and your car and the dryer sheet? There are so many amazing ways to clean our homes without using toxic product that is going to contribute to the decline of your overall health and the health of your family! Are you overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin? Do you get lost in the isles at Target and wonder what the difference is between natural and organic product and then end up buying a product you don't know if you can trust? As an avid user of certified therapeutic grade essential oils now for eight years, let me guide you with creating your own personalized home health kit with some of my favorite certified pure oil products. 

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