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Custom Healthy Home Kit


price will vary depending on choices made

This is a sample custom kit option that Cosette has designed with her personal favorites to get you started on reducing the toxic load in your home, in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry and personal product. Book with Cosette who will help you pick your product and your price for your enrollment kit & wholesale membership for the year.


Abode Dish Soap $12.00

Abode 15mL $24.50

Abode Multi Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate $8.75

Dish Soap Dispenser $8.50

Mulit-Surface Spray Dispenser $8.50

Abode Dryer Balls $12.00

On Guard Laundry Detergent $28.00

CorrectX $12.00

On Guard Foaming Hand Wash $17.50

Dispenser $2.50

On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste $9.50

On Guard Mouthwash $15.00

Natural Deodorant Infused with Balance $8.75

LaLuz Diffuser with Lemon & Lavender $68.50

Cost ~ $236.00 with diffuser

Bringing in NEW PRODUCT means THROWING OUT THE OLD! This kit is a sampling of what you need for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, personal body product and home air quality along with some gorgeous dispensing bottles. Isn't exactly what you want? No worries. I've got you! We can customize all you want to fit your home's needs. Schedule a personal consult today!

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