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Recommended Oils for your Labor:

Geranium, $43.00 OR Aroma Touch, $30.00

Basil, $30.00

Black Pepper, $22.00

Serenity, $36.00

Balance, $21.00

Clary Sage, $39.00

Citrus Bliss, $19.50

Cheer, $25.00

Lavender, $25.50

Myrrh, $67.00/Myrrh Touch, $40.00

Peppermint, $24.00

Total based on this order: ~ $325.00

Labor and Birth Kit


Price will vary depending on choices

Experience the healing properties of doTERRA's botanical extracts as you do the hard work of labor. For centuries, women have used the therapeutic properties of essential oils to bring courage, strength, resilience, determination & intuition to help them through one of the most transformative days of their lives ~ giving birth. One of my favorite things is to help women create their own labor and birth kit. You can select all the oils here, delete some or add more based on their benefits for use during labor & birth and your preferences. Schedule a FREE oils consult today with Cosette

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