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Packages that fill a mama's soul...
Let us wrap you in the exceptional CARE our team provides

Prenatal Consultation Package


$660.00, (20% discount)

THREE prenatal consultations bundled into a package deal. An opportunity to share your unique pregnancy questions, talk about nutrition and herbs, come up with botanical solutions to common pregnancy concerns or practice how to navigate difficult conversations or subjects that have come up with your provider during your care. LET ME BE YOUR MIDWIFE CONSULTANT, a trusted companion guiding you through your care and sharing with you options that may not always be presented by your provider.

Our Postpartum Bundled Care Package


$1040.00 (20% discount)

This has been a treasured part of our care over the past 23 years with our clients. Ask any one of them and they will tell you, YOU NEED THIS CARE. Upon discharge from the hospital, women are not seen for another six weeks. Let our team pick up care where the hospital system lets you go. With this package you get one breastfeeding mother/baby HOME visit • one 5-7 day mother/baby HOME visit a two week breastfeeding cafe visit • a four week one-on-one with Cosette and a six week postpartum group session • & as many breastfeeding cafes you want to attend. 


Course + 3 Private Prenatal Consultations + Post Birth Care Package 


$2450.00 (20% discount)

This package is our best deal and the one that most women truly need, whether this is your first pregnancy or your third, if you have never experienced our level of care; need help navigating the complex decision making from the start; like the idea of learning about more natural solutions to common concerns; have no idea the amazing power of your body to birth; want to be pampered post birth by our team and connected to a larger community of help and support, THIS PACKAGE IS FOR YOU.

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