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Meet Our Team

Cosette and Luna


Nurse Midwife; Student Herbal Health Educator

Post Birth Support Team

Char Wade


Mother Baby Nurse Educator, Lactation

Service Coordinator

Katie Merlo

RN, LMT, Doula

Mother Baby Nurse

Michelle Wiedmann

RN, CLC, CBE, Doula

Mother Baby Nurse

Karen Hebron
Megan Vance
RN, Doula
Mother Baby Nurse

RN, Doula

Mother Baby Nurse

Katie Glasgow

Intuitive Healer, Business Coach, doTERRA Blue



Prenatal & Postpartum Advocacy & Care

You can think of this as 'enhanced' maternity support ~ alongside the care your current provider is offering. Every pregnant woman deserves more time and attention--to feel knowledgeable, prepared & empowered--than providers in large practices can give in today's maternity system. Consider partnering with a seasoned Nurse-Midwife for customized, one-on-one attention throughout your entire pregnancy & postpartum. There is something here for everyone.

Every Woman Deserves a Maternity Advocate! 

(Especially if you are with a busy OB or midwife practice planning hospital birth)


Pregnant and can't get into your provider until 12 weeks gestation or after & want to be seen earlier?


Do you find yourself having more questions than your provider has time to answer during your prenatal visit?

Want easier access to a provider between prenatal visits for questions and concerns?

Are you interested in learning about botanical solutions to enhance your pregnancy, birth & postpartum?

Would you like to gain a deeper knowledge of your body's natural wisdom and design for pregnancy & birth?

Partner with a Maternity Advocate!

By partnering with your own private Nurse-Midwife, your maternity experience can be richer & more empowering from the first visit to the end of your first year postpartum! Working together, Cosette will help you....

  • Be seen sooner in your first trimester (if your provider is booked out) to order labs, establish dating, get an ultrasound or help with miscarriage prevention

  • Gain deeper knowledge of routine testing & your options throughout care

  • Implement a healthier nutrition plan through pregnancy and beyond

  • Learn about botanical solutions - herbal teas, tinctures & essential oils - to common physical & emotional concerns to enhance your whole journey

  • Identify & communicate your unique desires in care with your provider

  • Get to root cause of common pregnancy concerns with Bioenergetic Prenatal & Awareness Scans to enhance your health and improve outcomes

  • Become an expert in using dōTERRA essential oils to support & nurture your body, your baby and your family, in health 

  • Discover how your body is designed to give birth and protect you & your baby

  • Gain confidence with your intuitive knowing to guide, rather than inhibit you, throughout your entire maternity experience

  • Feel empowered within your birth space by knowing & communicating your desires in peace

  • Prepare for & be supported through, the unexpected circumstances that can occur throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience

  • Connect to a broader community of holistic families and providers

  • Carve a healthier, more connected path for the second nine months so that you can heal faster and bond with your baby

ONE Prenatal Consultation
Working together to meet your needs Your investment in you, 90 min:
New Clients, $220.00

Established Clients, $160.00


  • Access to our client community on Facebook 

Desire more connection? Check out our prenatal & postpartum package offerings with our team!


  • Access to our client community on Facebook &

  • Cosette's select Conscious Birth Class Videos & In-person classes

Postpartum Consulting & Care

Post Birth OUR WHOLE SELVES Consultation
An investment in you, 90 min:

New Clients, $220.00

Established Clients, $160.00

All sorts of concerns come up after a woman has her baby in the first year post birth. You just birthed a human so it makes sense! But, sometimes, the struggle gets to be a bit much. The feeling of overwhelm, brain fog, being tired all the time, barely able to cope with life's demands can make you more irritable, angry, or even anxious or depressed. People tell you, "it's normal, you just had a baby." We are here to tell you there is help!  Let us get you started on your journey to reclaiming your vitality and getting your life back. Come share your experience with Cosette. This session includes an AromaTouch Technique to open and balance your bio-energetic field.

Want more LOVE? Check out our cherished post birth package that women can't live without

Difficult Birth Journey Consultation
An investment in you, 90 min:

New Clients, $220.00
Established Clients, $160.00

With todays medical system and the medical management of labor and birth, a natural consequence is more women feeling unsettled about their birth journey and not knowing how to process what happened. Talking with an experienced provider who has reviewed your entire labor and birth record--and can translate it for you--can make all the difference in your healing. Prior to your visit, Cosette will help you request your complete records for her review. You will be given ample time to process your entire experience from your perspective and then the two of you can debrief together using the nursing notes and the physician's or midwife's notes. Towards the end of our visit, you have the option to have your energy field assessed and opened for more clarity. Cosette may also recommend some herbal medicine for emotional & physical support. Referrals to our trusted mental health counselors specializing in perinatal mood disorders like Postnatal PTSD & birth trauma are made if mamas need more support.

You are not alone

We've got you

To rebalance your energy field, Difficult Birth Journey & Post Miscarriage both include one optional

Aroma Touch Technique session.

Post Miscarriage Assessment
An investment in you, 90 min

New Clients, $220.00
Established Clients, $160.00

I have held space for countless women over the years post miscarriage or in the process of their body letting go, who later became our clients. It has been our experience that the medical system does not really hold space well, nor do most providers have the comfort, time or resources needed for a mama's heart to heal. Invite our team in to help you through one of the most intimate, sacred journeys a woman can have. We are here to help! Book today for a private one-on-one with Cosette. You will have time to share your experience, choose the  Bioenergetic test you want done & have your energy field assessed and rebalanced to take back your heart energy.


Millions of women have been giving birth for thousands of years with no preparation other than watching other women give birth. They lived in close communities and became familiar with pregnancy, labor, and birth simply by being together and helping each other. Birth was simply a part of life for them. They knew that if they were to give birth one day, doing the work and feeling labor pains was just part of the process. They lived close to their instincts and trusted them.

Cathy Daub, Birthing in the Spirit

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