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Bioenergetic Testing

Measuring the energetic resonance that flows from your hair & saliva samples against various substances, helping you to discover your level of wellness & maybe even the root cause

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Did you know that our body is made up of energy that is measurable? This type of testing falls into the holistic health realm. While this is not a diagnostic tool to be confused with any type of western medicine testing, the company we use is able to test stressed systems of the body. This testing process has the ability to read the energetic resonance that emanates from the hair and saliva samples, allowing you to make changes in a positive direction! 

The testing is done at home using your hair and saliva. The following scans are available:

FULL SCAN: looks for bioenergetic imbalances in your body's overall Energetic System Performance (like your metabolism & your endocrine system), your Energetic Sensitivities (like food additives & other ingredients), Energetic Nutritional Imbalances (like vitamins & minerals), Energetic Toxins (like parasites & heavy metals) & Energetic Hormonal Imbalances

One of the best parts about your report is it will identify remedies to bring the stressed areas of your body back into balance, including: herbal, homeopathic, essential oils and nutritional supplements meant specifically for your body's energy.  The scan takes it one step further and looks at the full combination of remedies to make sure they synergistically test well against your hair and saliva.


Awareness Scan (ONE OF OUR FAVORITES) Through the same way our bioresonance scanning can determine physical stressors and imbalances throughout the body, we can also determine resonating emotional imbalances and factors revolving them. The Awareness Scan bioenergetically tests for emotions, colors, gems, essential oils, key nutrients, and polychrests, providing a customized infused remedy to purchase to address these imbalances.

Pregnant Scan The prenatal scan provides expecting mothers with information on their bioenergetic health and nutritional response testing, including approximately 350 resonating food and environmental sensitivities as well as any energetic imbalances in key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and fatty acids.

If you are pregnant, the Pregnant Scan + the Awareness Scan is highly recommended.


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See the following video to understand Bioenergetic Testing on a deeper level: 

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