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Out-of-Hospital Birth
Preparation Classes

(or hotel, Airbnb, Vrbo or theWomb Suite birth)

Out-of-Hospital Birth Preparation Classes are meant to help support the local home birth midwives in preparing their clients for a healthy pregnancy and an uncomplicated home (or hotel, Airbnb, Vrbo or theWombSuite) birth and postpartum transition. Taught by Cosette Boone, ARNP, CNM who owned her own home birth practice for 23 years and prepared these classes for her clients. Over 11 hours of content you won't want to miss!



Looking for Breastfeeding support and education? Register for Char's well-loved Motherbaby Breastfeeding Class: 


**Char Wade's Motherbaby Breastfeeding Class is separate from the 3 part series


**All classes are approximately 60-90 minutes long and will be held in-person at 800 19th Street in Des Moines, 50314; down from Smokey Row Coffee House in the red brick Center on the corner

Out-of-hospital Birth 101: 60-90min in-person class, $125

Physiological Birth: video class + 60-90 min in-person, $125

Complications: video class + 60-90 min in-person, $125


$375 for all 3 in-person classes (2 of which include pre-class instruction videos) +

Two extra BONUS VIDEO CLASSES: MamaMoon Care & Bundled Baby Care

**Register for Char's 2hr in-person Motherbaby Breastfeeding Class @ :

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