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theWombSuite Rental

Considering a home birth, but not quite sure you want to have a baby in your home? Whether you want to leave the kids behind or you don't want to deal with a birth tub or you simply want to be closer to the hospitals in the event of a transfer, you are not alone.
Located in
Des Moines' former birth centertheWomb Suite might just be for you!
$650.00 from the moment your midwife admits you, up to 4 hrs post birth. Extend your stay for 24hrs post birth for just $150.00

• Nestled at the top of Sherman Hill, a Historical Neighborhood near downtown

• Private suite designed for birth with connection to nature & the comforts of home in mind

• Non-toxic, compliant cleaning supplies to sanitize our rooms

• Fresh linens washed with organic laundry detergent

• Heated towels for comfort

• Queen size bed for the whole family

• Comfy rocking chair for two

• Luxe soaking tub, heated to temperature & ready for you

• Large bathroom with a walk-in shower with bench

• Adjacent seating area with round wooden table for work

• A full kitchen for food preparation is available during your stay

• Close proximity to multiple locally owned restaurants and the main hospitals

• Family & friends are welcome to visit

• On-site free outdoor parking lot available

• Suite meets ADA Standards for Accessible Design

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